Alpaca Shearing services

We provide a full shearing service plus all the services you’d expect while the animals are trussed, including:

  • Foot trimming
  • Injections
  • Teeth cutting
  • Incisor grinding

How we shear

We use the Alternative System for shearing. This involves a team of three – the shearer and two handlers. One handler handles the animal with the shearer while it’s being sheared while the second removes the fibre, checking teeth and feet and so on.

Our gentle and considerate shearing and handling methods ensure minimal stress for the alpacas as they’re shorn.


  • Speeds up shearing
  • Minimises stress to the alpaca
  • Maximises removal/retention of fibre
  • Enables teeth, foot and general health check to be done at the same time

You can see us at work in our photo gallery and watch our progress around the West Country.

Shearing options

You have a number of options – all at no extra cost. Let us know your preferences.

  • The leg fibre can be shorn tight to the leg or tapered.
  • The head fibre can be shorn tighter above the eyes or left longer.


We are very aware of customer concerns about biosecurity and this is of paramount importance to us.

We employ robust biosecurity measures and ensure that all equipment is sprayed with a vet-approved TB disinfectant on leaving every property.

Where we shear

In the UK we cover:

  • the West Country – Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall
  • the South / South East as far as Surrey/M25
  • as far north as the West Midlands
  • South Wales.

We sometimes have availability outside these areas, including abroad, so contact us with your enquiries.

When we shear

We shear the full season, from mid-April through to mid-August.

How to book

Contact us for bookings, availability and all queries.

More info

British Alpaca Society